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Welcome to Holistic Health and Massage Blog

In this blog, we will do our best to educate you on the ways the human body works.

All sorts of different problems you may experience in your busy or sedentary lifestyle, which ever it may be, we will share our knowledge with you on how to improve and maintain your physical well-being. Plus, if appropriate, how you can continue to do this at home, in your own time.

The Human body has approximately 600 muscles. The team at Holistic Health and Massage are qualified remedial therapist, who can teach you how to perform things like self massage, effective stretches, and simple at home exercises to get you back up and moving the way you were before your bung knee, crook shoulder, wonky hip or dodgy ankle first appeared.

We will also add in a few little quirky stories about ourselves, little experiences we’ve had related to our industry, add a bit of humour, and maybe throw a few mind blowing grenades at you, so stay tuned and keep an eye on this space.