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Sports Massage

We are all using our bodies every day. Some more than others. Regardless of the level of endurance you put your body through anyone can suffer from an injury.

We have two sports massage therapists specializing in advance massage bodyworks. The purpose of sports massage is very specific. It is designed to prevent and treat sports injuries, or specific muscle groups that has suffered pain or soreness.

Sports massage foundation is remedial massage, tailored to specific muscles or injuries. Sometime can incorporate the use of cupping or dry needling therapy when required. Even if your needs are more general, a full body, two hour session can help remove lactic acid buildup to help your body recover after a grueling workout session.

Interestingly enough, some people get sports massages when they do not do sports, it could be that they are simply working out vigorously. Others even get sports massages after physical jobs like moving furniture or planting a garden. Whenever there are chronic complaints such as headaches, lower back pains, sciatica or injured muscles it is wise to come and get a sports massage.